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floor repair services silver spring md
floor repair services silver spring md


When you think about it, crawl spaces have it pretty rough. Unlike basements, which are enclosed and protected from the elements, crawl spaces are typically vented, unconditioned areas exposed to moisture, heat, cold, humidity and even wood-destroying insects year in and year out. It's no wonder, then, that they can begin to sag as wood joists and beams - and sometimes even columns - weaken and rot over time. Weakened wood joists and beams simply cannot span the distance between supports as they were originally designed. The original columns within the crawl space are also prone to settlement, as the exposed foundation soil is either compressed by the weight of the home or affected by changes in moisture content.


When your home was built, the contractor likely moved the soil around the building site resulting in poorly compacted soil. And even when it is compacted well, it's never as stable as the original soil. Over time, this can cause point loads to settle.

Another cause of soil failure is drought. During dry conditions or even just during periods of warm weather and low precipitation, the soil under your columns will dry out and shrink, causing them to sink.

When the rains return, the water has an even easier pathway under the slab due to cracks and crevices left over from the dry period. And this wet, soft soil is just too weak to support the concrete above it. In the worst case, the soil erodes and washes away completely, leaving behind large voids that cannot support the weight of the concrete above.


As the floors above a crawl space sag, you notice floors that are uneven, sunken in the middle, or gapping where they meet the walls. Most customer mention they can feel the floor sloping down in a direction or that the floor creeks.


Unlike "dumb" jack posts, The Basement Pros SmartJack System is designed specifically for use as a supplemental support in a crawl space and basements, to shore up sagging joists and beams and to be used in conjunction with the existing column. The galvanized steel components and the cast aluminum footing work in tandem with a cube of compacted engineered fill rock that absorbs and spreads the load to the surrounding soil and over a larger area. This leaves a sturdy, permanent fix that actually addresses the issues that caused the the floors above the crawl space to sag in the first place.


Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standards. Always on time and on budget. When you work with The Basement Pros you can expect us to live up to our name though every step of the process.

The Pros have proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling, and project safety. We have experience that gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field.


With over 57 combined years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide a professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction. Thousands of permanently stabilized Foundations designed and installed by our Pros.



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Silver Spring, MD 20904